Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 7 - Marathon Training

I am now into the part of training where I am really ramping up mileage.   I am beginning to realize how much sacrifice and determination this endeavor really takes.  I've passed up many opportunities to do "fun" things because of runs I had to complete.    There are days where I literally drag my feet out the door.  It is totally worth it to me, though.   I don't feel bad about spending a night in because of a long run the next day.   Crossing that finish line in November will make it all worth it.   I am beginning to think about that moment every day.

There is a half marathon about an hour from here next weekend I am thinking about running, just to see where I am with training.  Hopefully my job will allow me to participate in it.  This past weekend I competed in an 8-mile race on the island in which i live.   I ended up finishing in 1:07...which is a 8:27/mi pace...the same pace as my last I know I am improving my endurance.

Until next time...